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  • Hal Hefner


I demand a better future

One of green, gold and blue.

With Rolling hills of lush nourishment grown by me, for you.

A sacred orb shines upon us with vitality for all to share.

A sky of wonder is limitless if we just show that we care

for the delivery of rain and snow should not be too much or too rare.

To demand a better future we all must do our part to dig deep down and know what's right and find it in our heart.

We must stop the greed from where it starts.

To see your future in your mind all you need is hope.

Just close your eyes and find a world at peace it's easy to evoke.

Our future must be in tune with nature for the planet Earth to cope.

• Hal Hefner 09.07.22

art generated by Midjourney AI

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