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Solarpunk Regeneration Pollination Digital Meetup

Are you creating, reading, imagining, designing, building and wanting a solarpunk future?

Then come on and join us & bring your friends!

On December 9th, I'll be co hosting a really fun event focused on the solarpunk community. What's most exciting is that there is a wonderful real world element of the solarpunk space full of people trying to create real world change as well as introducing what the looks like through entertainment media. So we're bringing these two elements of people together to meet each other and talk about projects and meet face to face to find those common threads to amplify, help and support each other in our quest for a better future.

This is a special event so that the solarpunk community can meet one-another & interact with more folks from the broader regeneration community.

Friday Dec 9, 2022 ⋅ 12pm – 1pm (Pacific Time - Los Angeles)

Please sign up at the link provided below for this event:

HOW IT WORKS: If you are dreaming about a regenerative future like we are, please come meet other solarpunks like you! With solarpunks all over the U.S. and the broader world, it's time to get to know each other better online.

Regeneration Pollination: these one-hour "drop-in" sessions, will organize random, one-on-one video chats so we can all can meet new people, discover new networks and projects, trade ideas, start relationships and generally strengthen the community making our regenerative future a reality.

After the first hour, stay on for the social hour and dive into topics that matter to you!

#RegenPollinationCross-Pollinating Co-Host organizations include:

Abundant Earth Foundation

Business of Purpose

Climate Foundation

Cohousing California


Deep Nourishment

Earth Regenerators

Farmer's Footprint

Generation Regeneration

Global Community Designs

Global Regeneration CoLab (GRC)

Inquiring Systems Inc.

Living Regeneratively

Loving Eats

Meraki People

Nested Solutions


One More Salary

Permaculture Education Institute

Planting Seeds Consulting

Propelled Training + Consulting LLC

RASA, the Regenerative Agriculture Sector Accelerator

Regenerate Change and Regenerative Changemakers

Regeneration Canada


Seeds of Tao


Sustainable Development Investment Finance Partnership for New York

Terra Genesis

The Source Directory

Think Like a Tree

Thruline Networks and Fourth Sector Impact Leaders

Hope to see you there!

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