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I have recently partnered up with Yishan Wong who is running a Solarpunk Art contest on his medium page. If interested, please send submissions to

All submissions should include:

  • A high resolution image of your final artwork (character, environment or key moment)

  • Work-in-progress artwork to show the development of your entry including thumbnails and progress shots

  • Please make sure to include your full name and a link to your portfolio

Yishan was inspired by my partner in crime at Solarpunk Magazine, Justine Norton-Kertson’s recent call for submissions to a solarpunk anthology, “Solarpunk Sunscapes: Optimistic Visions of the Future” who as looking for short stories or poems centered on the solarpunk theme.

I have donated money to the prizes to ensure that we see new and amazing solarpunk art come to life. If you don't know Yishan, please check him out. Yishan Wong is the founder and CEO of Terraformation, a company dedicated to solving climate change by scaling global native forest restoration. Previously, he served as the CEO of Reddit, and various engineering and management positions at Facebook and PayPal. He currently resides on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi, where he wishes he could live an otherwise uneventful life with his family, children, and dogs.

Yishan is another wonderful human being who demands a better future.

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