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  • Hal Hefner

Mini Trucks with Mini Solarpunk Gardens in Japan

Mini Trucks in Japan Are Retrofitted With Magical Little Gardens with a Solarpunk vibe, every year in a contest hosted by Japan Federation of Landscape Contractors

The Kei Truck Garden Contest, is a competition between the most creative small trucks that are converted into moveable gardens. This is an annual event that highlights and encourages a creative approach to the distinctive Japanese garden. Landscape artists from all over Japan come to partake in this event. It's a wonderfully positive and powerful statement of art that juxtaposes nature with technology in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.

The solarpunk vibe of this contest is of the repurposed kind. Repurposing what we have is a logical step in the beginning of a real solarpunk movement. Here are some examples of the gardens.

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